[fpc-pascal]emacs & freepascal

Jacobo García López de Araújo wretched at ya.com
Wed Mar 10 23:48:30 CET 2004

Hi, it's my first post to the list so i want to salute everyone.

And here is my question, i'm trying to make freepascal working under
emacs in linux debian. But i have no quote about that, i could have my
sintax colored using Options/Syntax Highlighting, but the thing is that
i want emacs to recognice my .pas files and syntax highlight them,  and
also want to compile and make directly from emacs like it's done in
other language modes. 

I don't know if this can help but when i try to compile a make command
appears in the low buffer.

Thanks in advance.

Jacobo García Lopez de Araujo.

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