[fpc-pascal]'record' / 'array' variable types

kractor baron.kractor at cogeco.ca
Mon Mar 8 02:51:43 CET 2004

working on some user-defined variable types for a media database project 
i'm working on (slowly, oh so slowly). i've defined types for artist and 
album and track (individual). naturally, there's going to be multiple 
tracks per album, so i'm assuming that an array would be best to store 
the track information. so far i have the following to "declare" the 
record things

    TArtist = record
        arName: ansistring;
        arID: longint;

    TAlbum = record
        alName: ansistring;
        alID: longint;
        alLabel: ansistring;
        alNumTracks: longint;
        alYear: longint;
        alFormat: ansistring;

    TTrack = record
        trNum: longint;
        trName: ansistring;
        trID: longint;

not sure what to do now, to get that "array" structure working for the 
track information (the artist / album things working ok as far as i can 
tell so far). any suggestions or pointers to documentation would be 

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