[fpc-pascal]no ppu installation with fpcmake

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Mar 3 13:13:44 CET 2004

>> > My goal is to install only the program and some data and readme but no
>> > compiler related files.
>> Under [target] only specify the programs. Under [clean] add the units.
> If I try that way the units are not found.
> Maybe this depends on the directory structure?
> In the main dir there are subdirs src and obj and in the Makefile.fpc
> the paths are set for the compiler:
> [compiler]
> options=-S2 -k-L/usr/local/lib -O2
> sourcedir=./src
> unittargetdir=./obj
> targetdir=./obj
> objdir=./obj
> unitdir=./obj
> This works so far if the units are listed in the [target] section.

The unitdir specifies the path where .ppu or when .ppu is not found the
.pas/.pp are searched. sourcedir is only used for the Makefile and never
passed to the compiler. objdir is only needed for external .o files.

The following should be enough:

options=-S2 -k-L/usr/local/lib -O2

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