[fpc-pascal] Cooperative Mult Tasker under DOS with FP

Jérémie LEFRANCOIS j.lefrancois at altran-tech.net
Wed Jun 30 14:05:51 CEST 2004

Where would I download a free OS/2 (possible ?) and a free LINUX both "stripped 
down" as you say ? Or they have to be installed and the GUI never started I 
I found "TINYLINUX" somewhere , yet what do you suggest ? Of course the latest 
Red Hat is out of scope...

Getting the whole thing to work on LINUX might imply more work than getting it 
to work under DOS, so that option is not my first choice, but seems advisable 
in the end of the process, to have a "safer" multitasker.


> >> What I mean by "weak hardware" is an imposed PC embeded with :
> >>  - no mouse
> >>  - DX 486 from 66Mhz to 133Mhz
> >>  - 16 Mo RAM
> >>  - 32 Mo HARD DISK (target configuration, development is 2Go)
> >>
> OK, this could still host stripped down (text-mode only) versions of
> both
> OS/2 and Linux quite well. I was running OS/2 Warp 3.0 even with full
> on such a configuration...

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