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Mon Jun 28 15:50:55 CEST 2004

You may have looked at this already, but can't you run win 9x of some sort
eg 98. This can be quite cheap 10e or thereabouts...My guess is this'll run
on a 486/pentium with 1? G disk, 16? M memory -then use dos (or even win32)
fpc...This'll give you 'multitasking'  of a sort and be easier to support...
Regards John   

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> I have some big TP 5.5 program to port to some more recent 
> compiler, and FP 
> seems a fair choice, since a little trial convinced me of the 
> great quality of 
> the product.
> Yet my target hardware is so poor that we have to stick to 
> MS-DOS 6.20.
> The fact is that I need to also port some multi-tasking 
> software. I know DOS is 
> not multi-tasking, but I had that software sold by a french 
> company (that has 
> long ago dissapeared halas) that fooled the Turbo Pascal 5.5 
> code into behaving 
> in a multi tasking way (the DOS way, in fact you just switch 
> between contexts, 
> nothing more).
> I also found some interesting software on the Internet 
> providing what I need 
> (MTASK) yet it seems to be adapted only to the Turbo Pascal 
> code compiled 
> behaviour, probably much different from Free PAscal.
> My question is :
> Is there, to your knowledge, anywhere (or anyone that would 
> know) I could get 
> some Free Pascal code of a "multitasker" under DOS ?
> Regards.
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