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Jérémie LEFRANCOIS j.lefrancois at altran-tech.net
Mon Jun 28 11:46:19 CEST 2004

I have some big TP 5.5 program to port to some more recent compiler, and FP 
seems a fair choice, since a little trial convinced me of the great quality of 
the product.

Yet my target hardware is so poor that we have to stick to MS-DOS 6.20.

The fact is that I need to also port some multi-tasking software. I know DOS is 
not multi-tasking, but I had that software sold by a french company (that has 
long ago dissapeared halas) that fooled the Turbo Pascal 5.5 code into behaving 
in a multi tasking way (the DOS way, in fact you just switch between contexts, 
nothing more).

I also found some interesting software on the Internet providing what I need 
(MTASK) yet it seems to be adapted only to the Turbo Pascal code compiled 
behaviour, probably much different from Free PAscal.

My question is :

Is there, to your knowledge, anywhere (or anyone that would know) I could get 
some Free Pascal code of a "multitasker" under DOS ?


Jérémie Lefrançois
06 73 27 35 97 
Altran Technologies

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