[fpc-pascal]Compiling problem

Jim Wilson jawilson at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jun 23 17:24:50 CEST 2004

I've been using 1.0.6 for about 2 years now. It's always served me well 
(thanks guys!), which is precisely why I've been reluctant to upgrade. The 
only things I develop any more are console-mode, 32 bit Windows programs, 
so a lot of the new features didn't pertain to me. However, the other day I 
downloaded a copy of 1.9.4 to give it a try. I used pkzip to archive my 
entire 1.0.6 installation. Then I deleted those old files and installed the 
new version.

Unfortunately, while trying to compile some of my units and programs with 
1.9.4 it became apparent that there were more changes in the past 2 years 
then I thought because I was getting a lot of warnings and errors I had 
never gotten before (some of my stuff has been compiling, and working, for 
years now, so I'm fairly confident the code is okay).

Seeing as how it was going to take a lot of coding -- and documentation 
reading -- to find out what was going wrong I decided to wait for another 
day, when I could actually devote the necessary time to do it properly. So 
I deleted 1.9.4 and restored my zip of 1.0.6. But now it doesn't work.  :-(

Every time I try compiling something I get the error "Fatal: Can't find 
unit SYSWIN32". syswin32.ow and syswin32.ppw are both in 
c:\fpc\units\win32\rtl, so that's not the problem. fpc.cfg has the 
following lines:


So that's not the problem either. The Compile.bat I use hasn't been 
modified in at least a year, so even that's not an issue. I use the command 
line "ppc386 -OG -n -vehnw -WC -Xs -XX", which isn't all that complex either.

Since everything looks fine -- and it's what I've been using, unmodified, 
for the better part of 2 years -- I'm pretty certain my config is okay. I 
thought that maybe the .zip was corrupted, but according to pkzip (version 
4) it checks out fine. I even went as far as removing that version and 
trying to unzip it again, but the same problem keeps happening.

Okay, after this loooong winded story the question is; what am I missing? 
This is the EXACT same setup I've been using for a very long time, but for 
some reason it's not working now. Does anyone have an idea of what's going 
wrong here?


Jim Wilson

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