[fpc-pascal]Win32 API Call

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Jun 23 09:22:57 CEST 2004

> > >4. This is not important for FPC 1.0.x, but for newer FPC remember to
> > >declare WinAPI functions as "stdcall" (FPC 1.0.x just used "stdcall" by
> > >default).
> >
> > I'll make note of that.
> To be fair to you, FPC should have always used StdCall for Win32API calls.
> It would be less confusing now, anyway.

FPC always did add stdcall, since FPC didn't use stdcall by default, but
what now is "oldfpccall" in 1.9.x. The two are similar though, and sometimes
forgetting stdcall isn't noticed. (good example was the main reason why
threading didn't work for win32 in 1.9.2. A callback missed stdcall,
and with 1.9.2 the calling convention was register for the first time)
However policy was and is to flag them as stdcall. Anything else was an
exception, not the rule.

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