[fpc-pascal]errors using FPC 1.9.4 (Win32)

Bernhard Steffen bernhard.steffen at gmx.net
Tue Jun 15 22:39:16 CEST 2004

Peter, thanks for your reply.

I tried to break down the complete source code to send you a small code 
example, but wasn't able to reproduce it with those. (I cannot send you 
the complete source code.)

The only additional bits of information I can give you are those:
- I only got those errors when doing a "make" on the files, but not when 
doing a "build".
- The mentioned runtime errors are not from the compiled program but 
from the IDE or the compiler respectively.

Thanks for your help


Peter Vreman wrote:
>> - scenario 2) after having deleted fp.dsk (leaving fp.ini / fp.cfg 
>> untouched) and restarting the IDE, I start compiling a project (app. 
>> 5.000 lines / app. 10 source files) which compiled fine using FPC 1.0.10
>>   * a make process fails generating a runtime error 200310221
>>   * compiling some of the included units separately first and then
>>     the main program, I get a runtime error 200309142
>>   * doing a make using ppc386 command line compiler, I get the same
>>     rte 200310221, so it doesn't seem to be the ide
> Without sources to reproduce the problem we can't do anything.
> Peter

bernhard.steffen at gmx.net

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