[fpc-pascal]errors using FPC 1.9.4 (Win32)

Bernhard Steffen bernhard.steffen at gmx.net
Sat Jun 12 01:08:38 CEST 2004

After having used FPC 1.0.10 for the last months, today I switched to 
1.9.4 (on a WinXP box), but cannot make it compile for most of my projects.

Thanks for your help


- scenario 1a) starting IDE in my source dir, not having changed fp.ini 
/ fp.cfg / fp.dsk files from previous installation

   * loading s32.pas file ok
   * loading s32.inc gives me the following error:
     "program generated a RTE 35 at address $005049FB"
   * enter returns to command window,
     there you find a message "RTE 291"

- scenario 1b) after having deleted all previous configuration files and 
restarting fp.exe, loading seems to be ok - until I change some of the 
editor settings :-( (after that: same error as above)

(sorry, can't be more specific, haven't found out yet which option makes 
IDE crash)


- scenario 2) after having deleted fp.dsk (leaving fp.ini / fp.cfg 
untouched) and restarting the IDE, I start compiling a project (app. 
5.000 lines / app. 10 source files) which compiled fine using FPC 1.0.10

   * a make process fails generating a runtime error 200310221

   * compiling some of the included units separately first and then
     the main program, I get a runtime error 200309142

   * doing a make using ppc386 command line compiler, I get the same
     rte 200310221, so it doesn't seem to be the ide


some system specifics:
- bin/win32/fpc.cfg is the one supplied with the installation program,
   only one line (-Fu paramater) added at start of file
- installation was made into a blank directory (so no leftovers from
   previus installation)
- system is WinXP Prof.
- the projects I tested are using only basic TP7 units (DOS, CRT) and
   some self-written units, but none of FCL, libraries, ...

bernhard.steffen at gmx.net

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