[fpc-pascal]parameter is 0x0 on callback

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Sat Jun 5 20:18:10 CEST 2004

Am Sa, den 05.06.2004 schrieb Peter Vreman um 10:05:
> > So i looked in the docs and asked myself:
> >
> > What are the limits for stack and heap?
> > And why does the -Cs switch do nothing on Linux and FreeBSD?
> >
> > Fact is, the stack is overflowing right at the start and i did not
> > notice.
> That is part of Linux and FreeBSD in the docs is obsolete. Stackchecking
> is now platform independent.

I think the stack can nearly never overflow having a limit (yes, I read
the system docs ;) of 65536 kb for ordinary users on FreeBSD. Or is
there any kind of segmentation an limits thereof in the game?

An should one trust the {$S+} switch? I get several overflow stops if it
is activated in my units one by one but there seem to be no real fault

But I followed your (and Marco's) advice to use the newest version fpc
1.9.4 (that installed and works fine without path problems) and with the
fixed debugging symbols I was able to hunt and shoot down my other bugs
(not detected by 1.0.10).

The only thing I could not find out is what exactly went wrong with the
1.0.10. Now I cannot name the main problem ... but it has gone away and
I'm happy.

Many thanks to you both for help and patience.


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