[fpc-pascal]Two simple dynamic arrays questions

Cox, Stuart TRAN:EX Stuart.Cox at gems1.gov.bc.ca
Wed Jul 28 21:22:10 CEST 2004

Would not allocating the dynamic arrays a single element greater in size not
permit you to address their elements the way you'd like. 
I.e.: for a five element array, allocate size 6 and get [0..5] and then use
only [1..5]?  Just pretend that the [0] position doesn't exist.
Of Course, you'd have to be careful with low(x) as the index starting spot.
If this is too easy what am I missing?


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On 28 jul 2004, at 19:48, Alan Mead wrote:

> (1) Previously, I had fillchar'd the static arrays with zeros because 
> they are sparse-ish.  Looks like dynamic arrays are automagically 
> filled with zeros.  Is this true/permanent?


> (2) There is no way, I supposed, to switch the array indexes to start 
> at 1 is there?

No, there is unfortunately no way to do this.


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