[fpc-pascal]FPC1.9.2Beta issues (mostly in linux)

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Jan 23 19:06:59 CET 2004

> Returning to fpc, and it's worth, as usual ^_-. I have
> started using the 1.9.2Beta version for windows and
> for linux, and i want to make some comments regarding
> problems i had during the compilations:
> - [linux] There is some comments at pthread.inc that i
> had to uncomment in order to compile my code (=>

This is a problem on the Jedi-sdl side. However I'm currently
corresponding with the maintainer to get it upgraded. Not only
to compile straight away with 1.9.x, but also for other unices.

The last release version is in CVS under projects/contrib/sdl along
with a few ported demoes.

> - [linux] The gettimeofday() routine is lost from the
> unix unit,

Unit linux/unix is totally split up. See 

for a short description.

> and the one used in oldlinux does not work.

Strange, the oldlinux one is a direct copy of the 1.0.x code. Hmm, maybe
something register parameters?

> Also, I cannot find (outside of oldlinux) where is the
> GetEnv() routine.


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