[fpc-pascal]uclibc in freepascal

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Jan 19 22:28:52 CET 2004

> Is it possible to use another libc in my pascal programs? 

Yes, but you probably have to patch it yourself. (startup files, any anomalies)

E.g. win32 can use msvcrt with some tricks (while also mingw and cygwin are possible)
> When using i386-linux-uclibc-ld (by editing ppas.sh) I get a linking
> error. 
> /usr/lib/fpc/1.9.2/units/linux/rtl/cprt21.o(.text+0x38): In function
> `_start':
> : undefined reference to `__libc_start_main'

You should replace cprt21.o with modified startupcode for your libc.

However why would you want another one? Either stay clear of libc (keep it static),
or use the vendor supplied one.

If you need it for certain calls only, it is probably easier to create a few
syscalls then to get uclibc working.

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