[fpc-pascal]Info about the compiler

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sat Jan 10 18:21:14 CET 2004

> I need to compile a EXE for Real Flat Mode without extender
> How to Make this?

I said it might work earlier, but I misread the REAL mode part.

It is not supported, so you are totally on your own. Probably
you want to generate assembler files (.s) with the -a and some -A<assembler type>
switches, and then filter and assemble that.

And then you need to create a substitute for the rtl, for whatever OS, Bios
or firmware you are using.

FPC is a protected mode compiler, so there are no real mode docs or tutorials.

It's even pretty undocumented how to make a protected mode rtl. The global idea is
to take the template (rtl/template or rtl/fakertl), and to start expanding it till it works.
(all platform dependant, so up to you).

However I think it is easier to start with an existing rtl (like go32v2) and strip that down,
so you get a template that is up to date.

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