[fpc-pascal]Local Ip Address

Crabtree, Chad Chad.Crabtree at nationalcity.com
Mon Feb 23 17:05:28 CET 2004

Ok.  Thank you that worked however I'd like to ask some questions.  I tried
to find the answer by looking at the source code however I'm confused by
this code


I beleive this automaticly parses h_addr_list[0] into the record.  Not sure
why but that's ok. However when I looked at the winsock source most specifly
hostent record type I was not able to winnow any meaning out of.

          case byte of
             0: (h_addr_list: ^pchar);
             1: (h_addr: ^pchar)

Which is the last part of the record.  Now please correct me if I'm wrong.
but the h_addr_list is an array of bytes, however the type that's declared
is a pointer to pchar right?  It's just muddy for me.  This is my first real
forray into compiled languages, I can do what I want to with python or perl
but this is a little beyond me.


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