[fpc-pascal] Weird DosError values

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Wed Feb 18 22:29:17 CET 2004

> Thanks for your advice.
> My apologies for not providing enough information - I realized after I sent 
> the message that I should have mentioned what OS, etc. I was running.
> I'm running Win 2000, and using sysutils, and dos - could that be the problem?
> The target os (as given to my by DevPascal 1.9.2) is Win32 for i386.
> However, I downloaded the 1.9.2 w32 version of FreePascal, and the program 
> compiled fine, and hasn't given me any errors since (no odd DosError 
> values).  Thanks for your suggestion on resolving the use of goto. I'll 
> implement that soon.
> One question:  In the future, should I just host my code on geocities (or 
> something) and then include a link to it instead?

How large is your buffer? Do you try to read 2/4/8k blocks ?

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