[fpc-pascal] Weird DosError values

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Sujbect:     [fpc-pascal] Weird DosError values
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Hello Lukas

> I'm using a function and a procedure, both which deal
> with finding files in 
> the same directory, and then either counting them, or
> reading them, but I'm 
> getting some very weird values for DosError.  I'm using
> v1.0.10, and I 
> continue to get a value of 183 from DosError in the

We'd probably need little bit more information from you. First of
all, your code snippet isn't directly compilable as it is now -
it isn't even completely clear which FindFirst function is being
used (my guess is that one from SysUtils because of the
TSearchRec type used, but on the other hand you're using DosError
as well, which is relevant to FindFirst from unit Dos). Second,
it would be definitely useful to know the target you're compiling
for (GO32v2?, ???) and the operating system you're running on.

Regarding your code - well, I'd definitely suggest to use
something like while..do or repeat..until instead of your use of
goto construct.

Best regards


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