[fpc-pascal] Win32 API - Scroll Bar inactive

Florian Klaempfl F.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Thu Dec 23 14:04:23 CET 2004

soumya at tatamotors.com wrote:

> I am new to Windows programming so please bear with me if it is some trivial mistake. 
> I have created a window with : 
>   hWindow := CreateWindow (AppName,'First Prog',ws_OverlappedWindow or WS_VScroll, 
>                          cw_UseDefault,cw_UseDefault,cw_UseDefault, 
>                          cw_UseDefault,0,0,system.MainInstance,Nil); 
> Now after I write some text on the window with TextOut function that goes beyond the window size the window do not scroll.
> Please educate me - what is wrong? 

That's simply not how windows works. You've to do the scrollbar handling 
yourself. ws_vscroll only tells windows to draw a scroll.

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