[fpc-pascal] problem with procedural types

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Sat Dec 18 21:10:59 CET 2004

On Dec 18, 2004, at 21:01, Dariusz Mazur wrote:

> procedure tForm1.onnn(var onc : tNotifyEvent);
> begin
>  onclick:={$IFDEF FPC}@{$ENDIF}onc;
> end;
> compiler claim:
> Error: incompatible types: got "Pointer" expected "<procedure variable 
> type of procedure(TObject) of object; Register>"

This error message looks correct (at least if you are compiling in fpc 
or objfpc mode). onc is a procedure variiable, so @onc is the address 
of the procedure variable. You should simply do "onclick := onc", or 
possibly even

onclick := {$ifndef fpc}@{endif}onc; (since Delphi requires an @ to get 
the contents of a procvar)

(at least if both onclick and onc are of type tnotifyevent and if 
tnotifyevent is a procvar type).

> when I try
> onclick:={$IFDEF FPC}@{$ENDIF}MouseClick;

In this case, the right hand side of the expression is a method, so you 
indeed need @ in FPC mode to get its address.


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