[fpc-pascal]Graphics cards, VGALIB

Jeff Weeks jweeks at rci.rutgers.edu
Thu Aug 26 23:13:44 CEST 2004

Do I really need to use vgalib under linux?  I'm having a hard time 
finding a supported graphics card.  Is it true that only a handful of 
chipsets are supported?  Any way to use the X graphics rather than 

Can't get graphics to work on my Trident 9660.  It's the oldest chipset 
I have.  I'm looking on Ebay for a replacement.

Is this it?

     * VGA
     * EGA
     * ARK Logic ARK1000PV/2000PV
     * ATI VGA Wonder
     * ATI Mach32
     * Cirrus 542x, 543x
     * OAK OTI-037/67/77/87
     * S3 (limited support)
     * Trident TVGA8900/9000
     * Tseng ET3000/ET4000/W32

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