[fpc-pascal]RE: force redraw on hscale

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Tue Apr 27 17:07:02 CEST 2004

Am Di, den 27.04.2004 schrieb Jeff Pohlmeyer um 07:58:
> > My question: how can I force a redraw on selected 
> > widgets or the whole window when needed?
> Maybe this will help:
>   procedure UpdateWidget(w:pGtkWidget);
>   var
>     update_rect: tGdkRectangle;
>   begin
>     update_rect.x:=0;
>     update_rect.y:=0;
>     update_rect.width:=w^.allocation.width;
>     update_rect.height:=w^.allocation.height;
>     gtk_widget_draw(w, @update_rect);
>   end;

Hi Jeff!

I think it does work, but the color on the GtkHScale does not really
change, only after changing the value at the slider, as before.

I added (hint from the gtk mailing list) this:

			while (gtk_events_pending()=gtk_true) do gtk_main_iteration ();

to process all pending draw event afterwards, but no luck. :(

Must be a bug or some plan I do not get.

Has anyone ever managed to change a GtkHScales color on the fly?

I can do it at startup from the ressource file, but changing afterwards
is not possible. But it does work when i minimize the window and restore
it! And it is colorizing the whole bar, not only the places where the
slider steps ...

Any further hints?

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