[fpc-pascal]Conditional compilation ELSE-IF?

Olle Raab automagi at algonet.se
Tue Apr 13 13:45:24 CEST 2004

04-04-08 15.49, skrev Michalis Kamburelis följande:

> Alan Mead wrote:
>> Is
>> there a way to detect this at run-time rather than compile time?
>> -Alan
> Maybe I don't understand this question, but there's just no need to
> detect value for DirectorySeparator at run-time when this is already
> known at compile-time for all OSes.

It might if you construct some cross platform tool, e g fpc itself can
create link scripts (with -st option) which is to be run on target platform.
In that script paths intended for the target filesystem is recorded.

But there is no support for this in the rtl, it is handled internally in the


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