[fpc-pascal]Makefile.fpc reloaded

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Apr 5 07:47:08 CEST 2004

> Hi!
> After stopping because of too few time I'm starting writing Makefile.fpc
> again.
> The structure is now:
> main/src
>     /test
>     /doc
> The goal is to have fpcmake create a directory "obj" for writing all the
> .o, .ppu and the binary program into. This should happen from "src" whre
> the real program is written and from "test", where some testing tools
> are made. This was the problem I could not solve before.

fpcmake does not support creation of directories. All the temp and output
directories must already exists.

> Second is to do something on documentation files, e.g. creating html
> from something else or starting arbitrary tools on the doc files.

Generic support for documentation files is too complex, there are too many
source and destination formats. Maybe only fpdoc support will be added in
the future.

> My questions:
> Is it the best way to have a main makefile and further ones for each
> subdir? (If not, what's better?)

That is not the way fpcmake is made. Ofcourse you can build your own
Makefiles to support it.

> How can i tell fpcmake to run tool "x" on all ".abc"-files in dir "y"?

Add the required Makefile code for it in the [rules] section. See 'info
make' for all possible Makefile functions and rules.

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