[fpc-pascal]Problems with ipengl unit

Peter Huesser peter.huesser at psi.ch
Mon Sep 29 15:27:36 CEST 2003

Peter Huesser wrote:

> Hello
> I successfully compiled the glutdemo programexample delivered with the 
> source of the opengl units. But if I try to run the executable I get 
> the following error message:
> An unhandled exception occurred at 0x00000000 :
> EACCESSVIOLATION : Access violation
>  0x00000000
>  0x080483A7
> The same happens with all the other programexamples. Does anybody has 
> an idea what went wrong ?
> Thank's in advance for any help
> Pedro 


I just remarked that on redhat 7.3 all the OpenGL stuff is installed 
except the glut library. I got it from
http://ccrma-www.stanford.edu/planetccrma/software/redupdates.html and 
installed it. Now everything works fine.


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