[fpc-pascal]Heaptrace problem?

paradice lawrence at paradicesoftware.com
Sun Sep 21 11:27:47 CEST 2003

Hi -

Just wondering if anyone else had has problems with the "heaptrace" option
on 1.0.10?
(This only applies to Win32, and for me, only appears on WinME and not

I have created a 60-line example program that illustrates the problem:

(the program above doesn't actually do much, I chopped it down to the
minimum that gave the error)

With heaptrace disabled, the program executes normally (just pops up
"Program End" window).
But if I switch heaptrace on, an "Access Violation" exception is triggered
inside "CreateWindowEx".

By playing around I discovered that it it is caused by the GetMem inside
Obviously heaptrace catches this and does something extra with it, but
Windows ME doesn't like it!

If you comment out GetMem/Freemem, it works fine. Compiled for Go32, or
without heaptrace, or on WinXP, and it all works ok. Moving GetMem/Freemem
to somewhere else in the program, works fine.

Has anyone else experienced anything with heaptrace doing stuff like this?


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