[fpc-pascal]XP=extreme pain in the butt

A.J. Venter ajventer at direqlearn.org
Thu Sep 18 08:39:59 CEST 2003

Perhaps you should try to run the installer with XP's "windows 98
compatibility mode" - should find that under the properties sheet for
the app - there's a '95 mode as well.

I don't know if this will work/help at all, I don't use windows, a
friend who does pointed it out - but he doesn't code so he obviously
never tried it for FPC.

On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 02:53, Alan Mead wrote:
> Is there a win32 binary install kit for Lazarus?  I see hints that
> Lazarus runs on Win32 but the download folders for Win32 are empty. 
> (Apologies if I'm not supposed to ask about Lazarus here...)
> So I fetched the latest FPC win32 full install ZIP from the US mirror
> but when I clicked on the install, I saw a screen that was basically
> blank (blue background, some top bar and bottom bar text, but nothing
> inside).  Then it disappeared.  Each subsequent double-click just
> disappeared very quickly.  I don't see anything like install.exe
> running in the taskmanager. Any ideas?  FPC installed fine on windows
> 98...
> I have a cheap eMachines XP 2400+ (i.e., 2GHz) Athalon XP machine
> (you know, the one that runs slow as a dog...)
> Thanks!
> -Alan
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