[fpc-pascal]fork with forked program

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Tue Sep 16 15:45:03 CEST 2003

On dinsdag, sep 16, 2003, at 15:34 Europe/Brussels, Marco van de Voort 

>> This has nothing to do with unix <-> BeOS. For example, Solaris is
>> definitely Unix and also uses the concept of light weight processes.
> Light weight processes are a Unix feature.

Not all Unixes have light weight processes. Note that "light weight 
process" has nothing to do with whether or not it is cheap to start a 
new process on a particular OS.

> (heavy and cheap are relative to the other)
> Windows -> heavy processes, cheap threads.
> Unix	-> cheap processes, expensive threads

That is a vast over-generalisation. All unixes most definitely do not 
have expensive threads, in fact in several of them a process is always 
layered over a thread.


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