DONALD PEDDER jims_son at jedi.apana.org.au
Tue Sep 16 14:51:25 CEST 2003

   When I try to re-direct my program output it's not working. I have
tried both ">file" and "|more", yet the program continues to display on
screen as normal. Is there a known bug with this?

   In another compiler, I used to have such problems when I was calling
the program from a batch file, but not when called directly (so I would
have to manually execute what the batch file did, then call the program in
order for re-direction to work). With FPC though, I can't get re-direction
to work at all.

   As I said in the other E-mail, when I play around with other
computers/compilers, I'll see what differences I can find, but in the
mean-time any suggestions would be welcome.


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