[fpc-pascal]several questions

Alan Mead cubrewer at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 20:19:53 CEST 2003

--- Thomas Schatzl <tom_at_work at gmx.at> wrote:
> >    When I run pascal programs (not just FP, but other compilers
> too), the
> > last text-colour I used stays even after the program is finished.
> The
> > original default colour only returns after I call something else.
> e.g.
> > DR-DOS editor.
> FPC doesn't use the BIOS functions for drawing text characters in
> DOS - so
> the original text attributes should be preserved after exiting for
> new text.
> It leaves the current contents as they are by default though, this
> is
> normal.

Donald, I've never used FP on DOS.  There is a museum section of the
Borland.com site where you can (legally) download an old version of
Turbo Pascal for hobbiest purposes.  As I recall, Turbo Pascal
exhibited the behavior you describe and the solution was to save the
state of the text when the program starts and restore it (or restore
it to what you like as a default) right before clsoing.  I think
there was also a DOS command to reset to the default.  Sorry I don't
recall specifics, that was a *long* time ago.

Also, as I recall, 20 file handles wasn't a lot.  Each buffer only
costs ~2k, IIRC, so I would bump it up and see if your problem
disappears.  I definitely opened more than 2 files at once using
turbo pascal and DOS.  I think we had to set FILES=50 or =99 to run
WordPerfect 4.x and 5.x under DOS.


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