[fpc-pascal]Re: FPC platforms (Was: Re: .NET)

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Tue Sep 9 16:40:46 CEST 2003

>> The development has been suspended until someone starts development.
>> Carl
>> will stay with the 68k in the 1.0.x branch and not move to the 1.1
>> branch.
> 1.0.x branch? AFAIR, it was told that all developments stopped on the old
> compiler.

Development is stopped. Carl wants to use the 68k version as it is now.

>> Pierre has very little time, so there is also not to expect from him.
>> The
>> result is that nobody is working on it. Those files are very old and i
>> guess not much can be reused from those few files. It will be easier to
>> start from scratch.
> It seems to me, currently a lot of things morphing inside the compiler,
> around the code generator, register allocator, and things like that.
> When will these things stabilize? So is it worth make a try to begin
> a new code generator right now :), or it's more wise to wait for a while,
> until the new code becomes more stable on the rest of the platforms.

The CG part is stable. The RA is now in the development branch and is
being stabilized. The 68k port can be started, in the beginning the
dependency on the RA is not that much. First the cpubase and cgcpu need to
be implemented.

You can ask Florian for help what the easiest way to go is. He recently
started the ARM port with the CG already being stable.

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