[fpc-pascal]IPC Question

Michael Weinert weinert at sys2.de
Wed Sep 3 10:46:30 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I wrote 2 programs which are using the IPC queue. Now I have a
problem, that often the the queue cannot be opened.
I did some tests and cannot find out where the problem is.
The relevant code is here:

  IPC_Key:=ftok(ipcqueue,'M');			// Eindeutigen Schl├╝sssel generieren
  IPC_ID:=msgget(IPC_Key,IPC_CREAT or 438);	// Schnittstelle erstellen

No matter what I do with /var/ipc the IPC-Queue doesn't get created.
I tried /var/ipc as file, directory and not existent, but nothing helps.

Does anybody here know the right procedure to open an ipc-queue. Thanks
in advance for your help.



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   http://www.linux-firewall.de  weinert at sys2.de

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