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> > I have one idea (although I'm no windows programmer). How do you
> > play sound files - using some kind of your own code, or relying on
> > default Windows handlers (i.e. installed Windows codecs)? If it's
> > the latter, you might be possibly using IE for playing your sound
> > files even without knowing it. That might be a possibility how
> > starting IE might influence your program.
> Sound play is done through the MMSYSTEM unit, which is the interface
> to MCI (i.e. Codecs).  I had no idea that IE might be involved... but
> it might explain one more of the problems...  I might actually be
> running afoul of my pop-up killer by trying to open two ie windows at
> once ... now wouldn't that be a laugh!
> Can anyone confirm if IE would be involved when playing midi, wmi,
> wave, and mp3 audio files?

IE _can_ be involved. Whether it really is or not might depend on 
your configuration (installed software and default handlers). You 
could probably try to install WinAmp, allow it to bind all supported 
formats to itself, and check whether the behaviour is the same as 
before (I'd probably try it with mp3). I don't know, whether this 
really overrides IE completely, but hopefully it should.


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