[fpc-pascal]opening files from a text list

Laurent Cocea cocea at canada.com
Sat Nov 29 15:12:42 CET 2003

Or you could wrap it around a Perl script. Perl is particularly good at
parsing text and generating arrays from strings and vice-versa. And then
you can call your Pascal-generated code from within the script using the
array elements as arguments, liek this:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

my @arguments;
my $arg;

open INF "<your_file.txt";
while (<INF>) {
  chomp; # delete EOLN char
  @arguments = split(/ /, $_); # generate arguments array from string
close INF;

foreach $arg @args {
  if ( $arg =~ m/[a-z][0-9]\_/i ) { # validate param string
    system("your_pascal-generated_binary_here $arg");
  } else {
    print "Skipped invalid argument $arg.\n";

and then your Pascal code would use ParamStr() to read "command line"
arguments, that is, the file name(s).

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