[fpc-pascal]class methods in FPC version 1.9.0

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Fri Nov 14 16:38:20 CET 2003

> I am trying to port the DUnit test framework to fpc and lazarus, see for
> more info
> http://lazarus-ccr.sourceforge.net/index.php?wiki=DunitProject.
I'll take a look
> The testframework unit compiles
I was able to compile it too, but I have still a lot of work to make it work I 
guess ;-)
> and I don't see to many troubles with
> the text test runner.
yes that's the easy part

> library a command line argument. I have to do some research to find out
> to what level fpc supports libraries.
From what I've seen in the first three days with fpc, I think you'll have no 
problems. :-)
Ciao, Dean

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