[fpc-pascal]class methods in FPC version 1.9.0

Dean Zobec dezobec at tin.it
Thu Nov 13 13:02:25 CET 2003

> Hmm, here it returns
> -bash-2.05b$ ./bugtest
> TMyObject
> -bash-2.05b$
> with
> Free Pascal Compiler version 1.9.1
> Compiler Date  : 2003/11/11
> Compiler Target: i386
> on FreeBSD
> So it could be it that is already fixed after 1.9.0
Great, :-)
One more question, where can I find the version 1.9.1 ? What would you suggest 
me as the best way to be up to date ? I just checked out the cvs tree, should 
I update it once in a while and build the compiler? Any instructions 
Thanks again to all of you at Free Pascal, you are great!
Ciao, Dean 

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