[fpc-pascal]FP newbie

Demian Lessa demian at knowhow-online.com.br
Wed Nov 12 17:25:51 CET 2003


I'm a FP newbie but a long-time Delphi and Pascal developer. I'm curious 
about several things regarding the current state of FP as well as its 
future. Since I'm considering the use of FP in classroom for my students 
and also for commercial development, I hope some of you could help me 
clear some things in my mind.

#1. Is there a white paper on the features the FP compiler supports and 
the features it doesn't support when compared to the Delphi compiler? I 
know I can dig this info on the manuals but I was hoping to find a 
feature matrix indication the major diferences and similarities between 
the FP and Delphi compilers.

#2. Does the exception handling architecture provide easy to the call 
stack and other potentially useful information about the exception?

#3. Is there (planned) support for object serialization?

#4. Is there (planned) support for object persistent (like J2EE 
container based persistence)?

#5. Is there (planned) support for garbage collection on objects and/or 

I think that will do for now. Thanks,


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