[fpc-pascal]A bug for fpc 1.9.0

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Nov 10 13:17:32 CET 2003

> I downloaded the newest fpc-1.9.0-i386.rpm and installed it on RedHat
> linux 9.0. But I found that if a program uses the unit "linux", it will
> output many errors when compiling it:

[big snip]

> It must be a bug of fpc 1.9.0 because it's okay for fpc 1.0.10.

Unit linux is considered legacy, since it has many fundamental issues.

However the old unportable 1.0.x unit will be provided as legacy unit for
linux/i386 as unit "oldlinux".

The 1.9 unix units are still a bit in flux, so oldlinux might behave 
a bid unpredicatable. I hope to correct that in the next version.

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