[fpc-pascal]paths in cross-compiling

Adam Naumowicz adamn at math.uwb.edu.pl
Thu Nov 6 23:46:18 CET 2003


Is there a way to strictly define the paths where FPC looks for objects
and libraries?

AFAIK -Fl can only add a new value, not override the old one. I'm trying
to compile with solaris target on a linux machine, so I need to tell FPC
to use solaris libc.a, crti.o, and crtn.o instead of those from linux.
But the produced link.res file always has
at the begining. Only when I remove them by hand and provide a proper path
for crti.o and crtn.o does the linker produce a good solaris executable.
Can it be done in a less nasty way?

Thanks in advance,

Adam Naumowicz

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