2cz 2cz at seznam.cz
Thu Nov 6 00:48:16 CET 2003

in school we use a BPTP 7, but at home i use FPC. And now i have a problem 
with videoram.
 here is a problem source part:

program iksko;
uses crt, dos;
const t=3;
type hodi_se=record
taky_se_hodi=array[1..t] of hodi_se;
var had:taky_se_hodi;
M: array[1..25,1..80] of
record znak:char; attr:byte end
absolute $B800:0;


 and when i try to compile i get this :
had.pp(12,15) Error: absolute can only be associated with a var or const
had.pp(12,15) Fatal: Syntax error, ; expected but : found

in BPTP is this right. what shall i do? 

2cz (newbie)
2cz at seznam.cz

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