[fpc-pascal]Memory Usage

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.ugent.be
Mon May 12 13:03:55 CEST 2003

On maandag, mei 12, 2003, at 11:11 Europe/Brussels, James Mills wrote:

> But never released. So if the program released all memory then it
> wouldn't have any backtrace lines in the output log ?

Indeed. This is regardless the reallocmem inefficiency I mentioned 
before (ie. upgrading will not make any memory leaks you have now go 

> Another question (I'm not an expert on linux :P), it outputs after the
> program exits. If mine goes into the background,
> ie: ./pircsrv > log.out &
> Would this be correct to get the ghl output ?
> ./pircsrv > log.out & 2>mem.txt

I think it should be

./pircsrv > log.out 2>mem.txt &


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