[fpc-pascal]Writing a file splitter for very large files.

A.J. Venter ajventer at direqlearn.org
Tue May 6 16:51:19 CEST 2003


I need to write a method to split very large files (8Gb and up) into
chunks which can later be concatenated back into the orriginal.

The chunks would need to CD-Size (e.g. around 630MB's). 

How could I handle this ?
Does FPC support opening files that size ?
If I were to open the file, then read and copy through byte by byte,
would that work ? 

I have some theories, but no conclusive ideas on how to implement this.
The files in question are uncompressed tarballs. I tried compressing
them but both bzip2 and gzip choked out. This happens whether I use the
compressions switches to tar (when creating them) or afterwards on the
final file.

Any help, greatly appreciated.
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A.J. Venter
DireqLearn Linux Guru

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