[fpc-pascal]No GLU Unit with the fpc package ..where can I get it ?

Sebastian G√ľnther sguenther at gmx.de
Sun Mar 30 23:32:11 CEST 2003

On Sat, 2003-03-29 at 21:39, Karim Forsthofer wrote:
> Hello   
> With the default 1.0.6 installed package it is impossible to compile programs that use GLU with OpenGL   
> E.X glutdemo.pp that is in the example directory. At the line 24. the porgram needs the GLU unit   
> uses  
>    GL,GLU,GLUT   
> but no glu unit is included in the opengl units directory. Why that ?  And where can I get a GLU unit for fpc ? 

Please use the new OpenGL units. You you can obtain them via CVS, for
example. They support almost all recent extensions, have been tested on
Win32 and Linux, and are much better supported.
For instructions on CVS, see the Free Pascal website, section
"Development". The files are located in packages/extra/opengl.

- Sebastian

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