[fpc-pascal]Profiling and classes

Preben Mikael Bohn preben at chin.dk
Sun Mar 30 22:29:40 CEST 2003

 Peter Vreman wrote:
>> I expected my OO routines to be somewhat slower than my equivalent non-OO
>> routines, which was also the case (the non-OO routines uses 10 sec for a
>> 500x500 matrix inversion, while the OO routines uses 110 secs (!) for the
>> same).
> Which compiler did you use? Which OO model did you use?
> If the answers are 1.0.6 and class then you should try the 1.1 compiler and
> add {$implicitexceptions off}

OK, I have just tried it. The result is:

104 secs for fpc 1.1 with implicitexceptions off
108 secs for fpc 1.0.6

So this didn't help much. However I'm quite sure that it has to with the
OO-methods for accessing array-elements (this will of course be slower than
accessing the elements directly :-)). So I will just (maybe) have to not use
these methods in descendant classes if I want better performance...

Best regards Preben

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