[fpc-pascal]Profiling and classes

Preben Mikael Bohn preben at chin.dk
Sun Mar 30 21:19:12 CEST 2003

 Peter Vreman wrote:
> Which compiler did you use? Which OO model did you use?
> If the answers are 1.0.6 and class

Right answer... :-)

> then you should try the 1.1 compiler and
> add {$implicitexceptions off}

OK, I'll try the 1.1. What does the {$implicitexceptions off} do (I guess it
turns implicit exceptions off, but... :-))? I couldn't find anything about

> gprof does not know any difference between your own routines or FPC
> routines. If you want to know the profile results of the internal routines
> you have to rebuild the RTL with -pg as option. "make OPT=-pg" in the rtl/
> subdir.

Hmm, I might do that... :-) But first I'll try the two other suggestions...

Best regards Preben

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