[fpc-pascal]Lazarus +FPC

A.J. Venter ddt at vukanet.co.za
Fri Mar 28 13:52:31 CET 2003

How much compatibility is broken between fpc-1.0.6 and fpc-laz 1.0.7 ?

The reason I ask is that lazarus requires the latter, and I do not seem
to be able to compile any of my old freepascal programs with it.

Is there some way to run Lazarus (for delphi style developement) while
maintaining standard FPC abilities (for VIM style developement) ?

I would really prefer to be able to do both as the situation may
require, and I would be rather dissapointed if this required my getting
Kylix OE, as I am a great OSS proponent.

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