[fpc-pascal]OT: An FPC program in LinuxFormat Magazine

A.J. Venter ddt at vukanet.co.za
Mon Mar 24 16:10:41 CET 2003

Just in case anybody needs some ammo against people who think pascal is
This months Linux format includes AJ's Internet Cafe For LTSP (now
DireqCafe) which was written in FPC.
Just goes to show, aint no proble it can't solve.

And before anybody acuses me of just downright spamming, yes I am the
A.J. that wrote it, and no I am not trying to make anybody buy it, it's
GPL anyway.
In case you do care, akinimod.sf.net, otherwize just ignore the post.

"I'm a creationist. I refuse to believe that I could have evolved from man."
A.J. Venter
DireqLearn Linux Guru
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