[fpc-pascal]Class Identification?

Anton Tichawa anton.tichawa at chello.at
Sun Mar 23 16:01:38 CET 2003

hi, Jon!

> Heya ^_^  Is it possible to identify the class type?
> For example TypeOf(MyClass) = TypeOf(MyClass)?
> Is it possible to register diffrent types of classes at startup and then
> identify them later?
> This is probably a simple matter solvable with a few calls from the
> System unit that are well documented.  But honestly.. I didn't see any!
> ^_^
> Any hints/suggestions would be much appreciated.

for descendants of TObject, there's a method 'ClassType', e. g.

  if MyObject.ClassType = CCalculator then begin
    bla bla
  end else bla bla

see reference manual - system unit. this only works if a descendant of 
TObject has been assigned to MyObject.



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