[fpc-pascal]Constructor failing...

paradice paradice at paradicesoftware.com
Fri Mar 21 10:01:29 CET 2003

> > But, when I use fail in my simple example program, it returns
> NIL okay but
> > the Heaptrace function tells me I have two unfreed memory blocks (36
> > bytes).
> > I can't see a memory leak anywhere else in that program, what
> could cause
> > this? (Heaptrace output is as follows: I am using FPC 1.0.6 btw)
> >
> [snip heap dump]
> That is the exception frame that is left on the heap. I don't have the
> time to analyze what the cause is that the exception frame is not removed.

It may be a bug in 1.0.6 which has subsequently been fixed. I downloaded and
installed the 1.1 snapshots and compiled the same source code, and the
memory leak vanishes....

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