[fpc-pascal]Smartlinking question

paradice paradice at paradicesoftware.com
Tue Mar 18 23:35:51 CET 2003

Hi all -

Is there anyway I can tell exactly which procedures/functions/methods etc.
are being discarded when I build an EXE with smartlinking (Win32 or DOS)???
I'm not concerned that it is doing anything wrong (I've never had a problem
with it at all) but I would just like to see how much of my units' code is
actually being used in a given application... thanks!

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> Subject: [fpc-pascal]Matrix library for FPC
> I guess this is slightly off-topic as it is not directly fpc-specific, but
> here it goes anyway:
> Are there any good matrix/vector-libraries for FPC (should be
> compilable with
> fpc)? It is essential that it can handle special matrices (doubly-bordered
> block-diagonal, sparse, etc) and that these matrices can be
> arbitrarily long
> (i.e. files should be used automagically for large matrices).
> Preferrably it
> should use objects... :-)
> Best regards Preben
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